Dr Saleh Ahmed

“The beginners Arabic course has been a fantastic start to the world of spoken & written Arabic. Unlike other linear and abstract courses; this course has a real vitality, taking a very student centred approach; speaking, listening, writing and grammar are all covered.

It is clear that the tutor has placed great emphasis on engaging the students and structured the course in a way that makes it interactive and experiential. Each class begins with a significant spoken component providing the students with the confidence to revise vocabulary and enter into dialogue. My favourite feature of the course is how our learning is always referenced back to the ayahs of the Qur’an – providing a truly holistic experience.

This course has been one of the best things I have embarked upon and I would heavily endorse it to any brothers that are motivated to learn Arabic.”

 Umar Farook, Teacher

“I’ve always put off studying because I didn’t know where to start. When I heard of this course and the  background of this Ustaadh it gave me some confidence. The fact I had very little knowledge on Arabic was daunting but this course begins with the very basics.

What excites me the most about this course is how the teacher uses a number of varied methods of teaching strategies and exercises for the students which keep us engaged, being a teacher I appreciate the amount of effort you have to put into planning a lesson of this calibre which includes differentiation etc. I genuinely look forward to class every week, which I cannot say the same for when studying other similar Arabic courses and this is down to the Ustaadh’s ability to break down complex concepts into small digestible steps which make new information very easy to process – that is the sign of a great teacher.

I would recommend this course to everyone and I feel my understanding of Arabic has improved vastly in a short amount of time. The understanding of some words you learn in class genuinely make you think while reading the Quran. This is very beneficial as the Quran was made for us to ponder and to derive lessons from Allah SWT beautiful words, this course enables you to do that and so much more, Alhamdulillah.”