The Intermediate Arabic course develops a deeper study of verbs with application to a range of texts including a study of key Qur’anic verses. You will learn:

  • How grammatical changes affect the meaning of word, sentences and phrases in Arabic
  • Vocabulary which appears frequently in the Qur’an and modern-day speech
  • How to translate introductory Islamic texts and apply this knowledge to Qur’anic verses

This course is ideal for students, teachers and working professionals who want to complete the introduction into the basics of Arabic language to understand the Qur’an while reading or listening to its recital or other Arabic speech.

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  • To enhance your relationship with the Quran by understanding the basics of Arabic language in order to understand Surahs commonly recited in salaah as well as straightforward aayaat or ahadith.
  • To give you a strong knowledge of all types of words which appear in the Qur’an with the ability to understand their context and infer their meaning where vocabulary is known.
  • To provide you with the necessary tools to move onto further study in order to explore more in-depth Arabic texts.


  • Successful completion of the pre-course written exam or the Module 1 Fajr course
  • The ability to read Arabic text comfortably.
  • Mature, male students who can commit to at least 1 hour of weekly independent learning during the course.

Written test

You will need to take a written test as part of the application for this course. Further details will be provided once your pre-application has been received.


£80 (including course material).
There are limited student bursaries available to support eligible candidates who may not be able to cover the course fees – for more information, please contact us.

Time and location

  • Beginning Sunday 8th September
  • Timing and venue tbc
  • Course duration: 3 months

How to apply:

All candidates must follow the application procedure as shown in applying to Fajr.

What are tutors looking for?

Tutors will primarily be looking for an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the study of Arabic language, ideally from both classical and contemporary perspectives, combined with an ability to digest and assimilate Arabic vocabulary for implementation.

Our tutors will be looking for the following qualities at interview:

  • an ability to think independently
  • potential and motivation for studying Arabic language
  • commitment to the requirements of the course