Thats the most valuable piece of advice you will ever get in your life.

Most of us spend our lives never beginning to work on our dreams. And even worse than that, most of what we invest in, we do half-heartedly.

Bismillah – why the formality?

When we start the day at work or begin a meeting, its common courtesy to remember your colleagues and thank them for their attendance. What about taking a step back?Who gave you the good health to make it to work today while many others are too unwell to get our their bed? Who even gave you another day to see, when many others breathed their last yesterday? Who even gave you your eyesight or intellect to make any sense of this article you are reading? Well?

Take some time out to remember the one who is blessing you every second of your existence by just saying his name when you begin anything. In return, he will bless you further and perfect your efforts.

The Prophet Muhammad May Peace and Blessings be upon him taught us that “Any important work that does not begin with the name of God (Bismillah) is imperfect or without any blessings” [statement found in the collections of Abu Dawud]

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