A new Curriculum uniquely developed using classical and contemporary sourcesThe Fajr course materials have been developed through consultation with experienced teachers in Egypt and the UK, using the classical text Al-Ajrumiyyah, Edexcel GCSE resources and quotations from the Qur’an. Great care has been taken to select common language between contemporary speech and the Qur’an so that students are able to apply their cumulative learning to the Qur’an in every single class.

The aim of this course is to enhance students’ personal relationship with the Qur’an by developing a basic understanding of the Arabic language through a holistic, well-structured language-learning programme. By the end of the programme, students will have analysed and understand the most common chapters recited from the Qur’an and understand the wording of their daily prayers. They will also have the tools to be able to understand the Qur’an by being able to translate the Arabic text literally through working knowledge of grammar, syntax, morphology and requisite vocabulary.

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