Will I be able to understand all of the Qur’an once through this course?

Once you complete all the modules of this programme, you will be proficient enough with the Arabic language tools to read any part of the Qur’an and deduce its basic, literal meaning.

Am I the right type of student for this course?

This is a fast paced course but we are committed to supporting students who put the work in. Only serious and committed candidates should apply. Students failing to commit to the course will quickly fall behind and risk the possibility of having to drop out of the program.

Who can sign up to the programme?

Any male aged 15+ who can read Arabic text comfortably and can commit to the learning programme. There are limited places on the programme so book apply early to avoid disappointment.

How much effort is required on my part?

2 hours are required weekly, of which 60-90 minutes take place in class and the remainder must be undertaken in your own time.

How long is the 3 month course and when will it run?

The programme consists of six 12-week modules which are each examined. The programme will be held on Sundays and timed to generally align with the school academic year so you can enjoy breaks with the family and be refreshed for each stage of the learning process.

How long is the Summer intensive course and when will it run?

The programme consists of ten classes held over 2 weeks in August from 10th – 21st August 2015.

What accreditation will be achieved?

Students who complete the programme will sit the Edexcel GCSE Arabic examination and receive the Fajr accreditation as well.

Where will the classes be held?

Classes will be held in Luton, Bedfordshire.

How much does it cost?

The 3-month module will cost £110 where payment will need to be made at the point of registration or before the module start-date.

Anyone who may have difficulty with fees should call 07967 151442 to discuss their circumstances as fees will not prevent anyone from studying the Fajr programme inshaAllah.

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